Giveaway #100 Financial pressures for Mum of autistic son

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News of our 100th donation! Nominated by our member David Bagley:

Charlie is 11 years old and has severe autism. He currently attends a specialist autism school. Amongst other things, his behaviour is such that he becomes violently agitated and lashes out resulting in him requiring to be restrained by up to four adults. This happens on a near daily basis. Charlie doesn’t like visitors and struggles to cope with any change at all to his daily routine.

Charlie’s mum Sammie, works part time as a midday supervisor at a primary school. She suffers from Crohn’s disease which leaves her totally exhausted nearly all of the time and she is also having a real struggle with her own mental health. She does get a lot of help from her boyfriend.

Charlie’s school have indicated that they can’t meet his needs and as such must now leave school at 1pm each day. Sammie may have to give up her job in order to manage this, adding financial stress to her already overloaded mental health.

At a recent Child In Need multi agency meeting one of the things that was a cause for concern was that Charlie should be properly restrained when travelling using a specific harness. He does use this when his provided taxi picks him up and takes him to and from school with a chaperone. But the harness isn’t his and so Sammie doesn’t have one to use at home. She has been sent details of a suitable harness but the cheapest option costs £112. This doesn’t sound like a lot but Sammie just can’t afford that.

Charlie just loves jumping on his trampoline and playing with his ribbons. He doesn’t often venture outside of his home unless he is going to school. Last year he went trick or treating for the first time which was a significant milestone. He asked to visit Markeaton Park just 3 weeks ago again it was simply incredible that he wanted to go, when it’s suggested they visit the local park that usually causes him enormous anxiety. They spent 2 hours playing as a family which is extremely rare.

Friends, when I spoke to Mum she described having to ‘just keep going’, coping physically and the extra strain of financial pressures is clearly evident.

On hearing of our donation she ‘had no words’, and was in complete shock. She was particularly moved by eveyone’s kindness and would love to join us as a member when she is able. Her feedback was “nobody ever does anything like that for me”. With David’s nomination and your weekly pounds she is now feeling wonderful being the recipient of such kindness.

Well done everyone