Giveaway #101 Homeless young man trying to help himself

By June 2, 2024No Comments

Afternoon Friends, here’s news of our 101st donation nominated by our member Ellie Jackson:

“Connor (name changed) is 22 years old, he has had a troubled life and been a victim of abuse for many years throughout his youth, and now finds himself homeless with just the clothes he’s wearing. Connor is currently enrolled on a course at my workplace and trying his best to find employment. He was recently made homeless due to abuse in the family home and now has no access to any ID documents making it impossible to claim universal credit. I am in the process of obtaining new ID documents for this purpose. In the mean time Connor has no finances for essential items like food and clothing. He would be very grateful for any financial help you can provide. Connor is currently sofa surfing and has minimal clothes. He did have a job at Bombardier but due to redundancies he finds himself searching for a new job. He is eager to do more with his life but due to his financial situation he has limited amenities to enable him to get back into work and a place to live.”

Friends I had a very honest and open conversation with Connor, he is desperate to get back into work and to find somewhere to live. He has been badly let down by the very people who should have been looking after him and its only now that he can clearly understand that. He’s currently reliant on a few generous friends letting him sofa surf but unable to progress much without his ID which takes time and money to replace on top of living costs, he tries not to rely on friends to feed him as well as put him up. His sense of independence and taking responsibility for himself came through loud and clear.

On news of our donation this nervous and humble but very optimistic young man was very grateful. He sends his appreciation and ‘massive thanks’ to you all.