Giveaway #102 Mum struggling after many years of coping

By June 2, 2024No Comments

Evening friends, here is our 102nd donation, nominated by a member who works in a school:

“We have a family of four children, one is Year 11, one year 9 and two others are adults who are really struggling. Mum had a job but owing to mental health issues (which are still ongoing) has been unable to work . It took a lot for mum to tell us . I have known the family since the eldest was in Year 7. We have dropped round food parcels and got the Year 9 pupil placed in a summer camp. Mum is so grateful and feels she needs to carry on and struggle as that is what parents do. They could certainly do with assistance”

I had a chat with Mum who immediately said that more families must be more deserving. I gently explained that it was her we wanted to help. She described how she has always been careful, used charity shops and tried to live within their means. However she explained how she gradually realised she was struggling too much with anxiety and depression. She only finally admitted to school staff that she was struggling after it was noticed her youngest didn’t have bus fare. She has reluctantly accepted our donation. She said “I really don’t know what to say to show my appreciation, thank you so much with much love to you all”.

Well done everybody!