Giveaway #104 77yr old refugee who fled the war in Ukraine

By June 23, 2024No Comments

Morning all! Our 104th donation was nominated by our member Paul:

We are working with a 77 year old refugee man who came over due to the war in Ukraine. His son brought him over on the family scheme which means he doesn’t get access to support which those on the host scheme do. His son and family are also currently living in temp accommodation having been asked to move out by their hosts. His son is not allowed to have him in his current temp accommodation.

He has various medical conditions and needs treatment quickly and naturally as an older man needs support.

He is signing up for Derby Homes property with walk in shower tomorrow but has no carpets or washing machine.

We have sorted a fridge/freezer, cooker and other items for him and under the DH scheme to get carpets in two rooms will cost him £3.50ish a week for the term of his tenancy, and needs a washing machine.

He also needs to replace the floor in the hallway so £500 would cover cost of carpet for 12 months in two rooms and also a washing machine.

I am sorting it for him with help of a Ukraine support worker who was also supported by the Friends of Derby 500 club some time ago.”

Friends we have passed £500 with our good wishes to this deserving gent, we hope it helps him settle in our country and are promised feedback soon. Well done everyone!