Giveaway #105 Bereaved family in poverty whilst waiting on Universal Credit claim

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Here’s our 105th donation nominated by member Paul Brookhouse:

This gent and his children are really struggling, his ex partner has died suddenly from a very rare condition and recently been buried, leaving him with the children alone. He has had to apply for everything in his name as everything was in her name, the house and benefits, he also had to apply to be put on the tenancy of the house it has to go to a board at Derby Homes, he is classed as a secure trespasser, but this does not give them any guarantee to being able to keep the property, he also still has to pay the rent, but he is waiting on his Universal Credit claim to go through.

He has had to get a lot of advice and help with everything, as it is something he has never had to do before, after the children’s mum passed he moved in to the property and needed documents for the children but found no paperwork to prove or verify he is father to the children. He had to get a letter from the school to help prove this to help with applications. He was previously working and had to give up his UC claim but was initially declined in advance as his wages had exceeded the allowed amount. He had to wait for the official paperwork to be received before he could submit another UC claim or child benefit for the children. During the last few months, he has been relying on friends and family, but he can’t keep going to them for this support. He is struggling with his own mental health issues and he is only keeping going for his children he also suffers with ADHD.

Friends I spoke to Dad who was quite frantic about how he would cope before the UC payment comes through. His sister in law had just taken them food shopping with a small donation he’d received. On news of our donation he was speechless, he’d expected it might be about £40 and to quote him “when you said a 3 figure number that has just blown me away, thank you, thank you to everyone I can’t tell you how much this means

Well done everyone, your weekly pound has made a huge difference to a bereaved family struggling in poverty. ❤️