Giveaway #106 Mum in financial poverty

By June 28, 2024No Comments

Here is something else to give you a warm glow … news of our 106th donation, nominated by our member David Bagley.

“Vicky is a single mum of a two year old who is being assessed for autism. She suffers from her own mental health too. She is struggling to provide the basic weekly necessities for herself, spending what little she has on her son. She receives universal credit but at a reduced rate for which she doesn’t understand why but is trying to find out. She doesn’t receive any financial assistance from her sons father despite him working. She was made homeless about 4 years ago through no fault of her own. She has picked herself up and fought to get housed and to provide a home for her and her son. I’ve been helping by buying her shopping from time to time and putting money on her gas and electric meter. She doesn’t seem to ever get a rest from the constant struggle, currently her washing machine is broken, a few weeks ago she lost all her food because the electric went off due to a technical fault, and it all thawed out. She is desperate for a bit of normality to replace the constant struggle.

Friends I spoke to Vicky this afternoon, what a lovely person and she was bowled over by news of our donation.

Again, well done everyone your weekly pounds are truly making a difference! 🥰