Giveaway #107 Keeping an older lady comfortable for her rehabilitation

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Friends here is news of our 107th donation, nominated by a member who wishes to remain anonymous:

Rosie is a member of our community group and has been coming since we very first started over 10 years ago. She lives alone in Derby and for some years now has really been suffering with her hip, walking and standing and has struggled to get to the group, which is her only source of contact/social interaction with other people. Rosie is in her late 70s. Since Covid her health has deteriorated whilst she waits for surgery. She has no family, and the group has been her main source of support.

She is due to have a hip operation, and we have been to her house to help make sure everything is ready for her rehabilitation. We were a bit shocked to see that she has no heating, and in our opinion the house isn’t really very safe to live in, certainly not to recuperate in. A kind group member has agreed to pay for the downstairs to be recarpeted, but the quote has come in a little more than we expected. Another group member’s husband has helped with some minor DIY, but Rosie does need more (and she is very proud, so we have to be sensitive).

She (barely) manages on a very small pension and does not have the money to pay the balance of the carpet quote and get a chair to help be comfortable after the hip – we do not charge her group subs due to her financial situation. She is also in constant pain.

It really upsets me that she doesn’t have any support, but I am so grateful that our group and its friends have helped this far (it’s taken us a while to get her to let us help!). A grant from the 500 club would just help her get over this final hurdle before the operation and the weather turns again.

Friends I spoke to Rosie who was very overwhelmed at news of our donation. She’s in a lot of pain with her hip and hoping the op doesn’t get cancelled. With our donation she will be able to make sure she’s more comfortable leading up to the op and then during her recuperation afterwards.

Well done everybody!