Giveaway #12 – Emergency small funding pot

By March 28, 2022No Comments
We were contacted by member Paul who through his work is seeing an increasing number of people suffering from the rising cost of living affecting them financially as well as mentally, he wrote:
“Many people are needing smaller one off items like: some school uniform, using an electric one ring hob whilst waiting for trust fund to decide if they will buy them a new cooker, small help with £10 worth of gas/electric, a tyre as no funds but needed to get to work, food voucher rather than parcel because of dietary needs or sometimes a one off take away because they are living in B&B for few days and have no cooking facilities.
In the last few months, we have been able to help with purchasing items due to a £250 donation that enabled us to do lots of these smaller emergencies helping us address peoples anxiety or stress levels whilst getting them the solution they needed.
Often lower income families can’t access funds due to one person in the household working, but are in ever increasing need of support due to rising costs. Quite often council workers on site end up giving their own money to help.”
Friends, be very proud, we have donated £500 to allow these smaller one off, but so important donations to continue. Well done to you all you really are making a HUGE difference!