Giveaway #17 – Independence & Safety

By May 22, 2022June 13th, 2022No Comments
Nominated by our member Jane Witherow:
“A colleague is working with an 18 yr old man who lives in a flat with mum, dad and siblings. He has complex physical disabilities, learning difficulties and is a fulltime wheelchair user.
He has recently told family he is gay and they responded by saying he is not allowed to be. He is being physically harmed and neglected of his care needs. At present he is fully reliant on his father to pick him up to support him to the toilet and also up and down stairs as they live in a first floor flat.
We are searching for an urgent placement to move him to due to the neglect, physical and emotional harm he is experiencing at home. Family are not aware of his wish to move out due to the risk and they currently keep all of his benefits.
We are looking to access funds to buy bedding, clothing, self-care items, duvet and pillows etc. which will enable him to move straight into supported living. He will move with just the items of clothing he is wearing that day as family do not know of his wish to move out due to the risk they pose to him”.
Friends of Derby 500 Club are delighted to have been able to provide £500 to ensure this young man has at least some home comforts in his new independent home. Thank you Jane for the nomination and thank you to all our wonderful members for enabling this support.
Today we received this message from his social worker:
Just to let you know I have been able to support him to move into his own place.
He is so happy and said it is awesome he can now be himself. He has purchased clothes and things he needs for personal care but also some chocolate, a refurbished phone (he is a teenager) and some false nails which he loves showing everyone!”
Once again this wonderful group has helped make a huge and life changing difference. THANK YOU to you all ❤️