Giveaway #18 – A well deserved treat for a Special Lady

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Nominated by member Sarah M. 
“My friend Amanda has had the most horrendous battles on her hands over the last 5 years. After having a caesarean section, Amanda’s scar infected with necrotizing fasciitis which started to eat away at her skin and was making its way to her vital organs. It was touch and go whether she was going to pull through this, but her tenacity and sheer determination to be with her babies saw her fight her way through this. A year later she lost her mum.
During the pandemic Amanda started to suffer with pain in her joints that became so bad she was finding it difficult to walk. Following several doctors appointments by phone she was sent to hospital for tests and where it was confirmed she had breast cancer. Within the next 2 weeks she found out that it was metastatic breast cancer which had spread into her bones. Chemo followed and after she rang the bell on this she was sent home with hormone tablets. Unfortunately a few weeks later she had a seizure which has led to them finding she now has a row of brain tumors. She has recently had radio therapy and been told that her condition is terminal with a prognosis between 12 to 36 months.
She is a fighter and will do everything she can to stay around for her family. Her husband is now her carer at home, they are living on benefits.”
Friends 500 through the weekly one pound donations have enabled Amanda and her husband to book a spa weekend to give them some much needed relaxing time together, something they would never have been able to afford.
Feedback: Amanda and hubby are overwhelmed with the generosity of the support that Friends of Derby 500 Club has given them to enable them to take some time out together to relax away from hospitals etc. Having quality time together is something they don’t often get. They are really excited about the luxury experience they are going to get. The last 6 years has been a constant battle for them so to have received such a wonderful gift to allow them this time together, when they know that time is now so precious, has allowed them to smile a little again. Thank you so much x
This club is just amazing, please be very proud!