Giveaway #19 – Financial support after moped crash

By June 15, 2022No Comments
Friends our latest giveaway (#19) was nominated by our member Claire…..
“Paul was knocked off his moped on his way to work a couple of weeks ago. He was hit by a driver who came out of stationary traffic without warning. Paul has many fractures and dislocations in his legs and now won’t be able to weight bear for approximately 3 months. He works on minimum pay and he will only receive SSP for the time he is off work, he lives in Oakwood Derby with his wife and 2 children”.
I’ve spoken to Paul who was shocked and emotional at the news of our financial support. “I am so thankful for your kindness, you’ve made me feel that there is still good in this world“.
Well done everyone, yet again we have helped someone in crisis to feel a little better.

just amazing!