Giveaway #21 – Care leaver in need

By July 12, 2022No Comments
News of our 21st giveaway.
Nominated by our member Dave, who through his friend (new member), Libby heard about a 16yr old boy who was born in Derby but for his own safety had to be moved away to keep him safe from CCE (Child Criminal Exploitation).
He has been forced to leave foster care and placed in semi independent housing. At 16 he is having to fund mobile, credit, food, clothes and many things a 16yr old should not have to pay for. His support worker managed to get him things like bed sheets, pillows and kitchen utensils. She reports….
“When asking social services today how much clothing allowance he will get now as it’s hot and he has no summer clothes, and his other clothes have rips and holes in! they told me £50 for summer £50 for winter, I was utterly shocked and said how can you expect a child to keep up with his friends and survive on £50! It’s unbelievable. Apparently this is a new scheme and before there would be no money offered! I am appalled by this!
He also has been trying to keep out of trouble in his new local area and is wanting a job. However not being able to afford clothes is really hard especially now it’s summer and he cannot afford shorts and t shirts like most normal lads would buy from JD sports.
He is so low at the moment and his mental health is really struggling’ some new clothes would be incredible to help boost his self esteem.”
We have transferred £500 for his support worker to buy the items he needs, we are promised pictures of what they buy, I will post an update as we have it.
WELL DONE, yet again you are making a difference to those in most need, and all for just £1 a week!