Giveaway #22 – Recovering Mum in a new Home

By July 27, 2022No Comments
Our member Claire wrote:
Wendy (not her real name), is a recovering addict approx. 3 years clean and off methadone. She had been living in a flat in Chaddesden since 2016 but unfortunately the landlord sold up and she was evicted in April, with nowhere to store her furniture. She was told by her housing officer she had to get rid of it all as it could be up to 2 years before they could find her a 2 bed property as she had recently been able to have access to her daughter. Wendy was moved around hotels several times then 2 months ago she was told she had to go to Milestone House. Wendy refused to move there as she knew this would lead her back to drugs and she had done well in recovery despite nearly dying and having a liver transplant.
This meant she had to sofa surf with friends and family. Fortunately she has now been offered a 2 bed property in Chaddesden which is great news but it’s totally unfurnished. She has managed to save for carpets and white goods from her benefits and has a washer and tv however she has no bed, sofa, hoover, pots, pans and cutlery etc. Could she be considered for £500 towards setting up a home for her and her teenage daughter?”
This morning I spoke to Wendy, she’s very excited as she will be moving into the property tomorrow. She was delighted and grateful to hear of our cash gift and said she will use it to buy all the living essentials she needs and has promised to let us know what she buys.
Thank you to all our paying in members! Yet again your pound has made a huge difference to someone in our city in real need 🥰