Giveaway #23 – Young Working Mum paid short

By August 24, 2022No Comments
This nomination came from our member Molly who wrote:
I’d like to nominate a young mother who has been left with a pay check of only £8 for this month.
She works for the NHS and has just received a pay check for this month for £8, they overpaid her maternity leave so deducted it all at once with no warning or help. She has recently moved into her own house aswell which is basically a building site, she’s decorating and doing it up herself. She’s really going to struggle even feeding her son let alone paying bills or buying paint and decor for her house. She’s also struggling with the fact she feels she has lost her identity after being a mother, she hasn’t been able to get out or dress up to be with her friends since he was born (nearly a year ago) and it’s weighing on her a lot so she’s becoming quite depressed but she simply cannot afford to do anything.
Anything would help.
After speaking to the young Mum we have transferred her £500, she was speechless and messaged to say “I honestly can’t thank you all enough this is going to help me so much”.
Once again you have all brought financial relief and kindness to someone who was absolutely at the end of her tether. Thank you all