Giveaway #24 – Working student in need

By August 31, 2022No Comments
Nominated by our member Kelly Marie:
I’d really like to nominate a friend of mine.
They’re 20 years old and live in expensive student housing in the city centre.
My daughter met them at a previous job at the start of the year and they’re currently trying to move to cheaper accommodation, and trying to save for the security deposit and first month and a half’s rent. They don’t have any financial support from family.
Currently in a job with a zero hours contract they are regularly having to choose between food and the medication they need to help cope with the effect this situation is having on their mental health. They have had a trial at a better paid job but to avoid transport costs they need to be living closer which the new accommodation would facilitate.
Any help to alleviate some of their stress would be greatly appreciated.
On speaking to this young person they were quite rational but emotional in their explanation of the situation. The amount required to secure the move is slightly more than £500 but amazingly they have been able to save a little and our donation will make the difference they need.
They were incredibly grateful and said “you have no idea how much this means”.
Congratulations everyone your pound has yet again made a huge difference to someone in real and urgent need …. I’m not crying, you are.