Giveaway #25 – Dad in need

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H was nominated by our member Rachel Lawrence.

“H left a very toxic relationship earlier in the year and put absolutely everything (money & effort) into getting himself sorted with a roof over his head. For a long time he was sofa surfing between family members homes until he found a small house big enough for himself and his two boys, aged 2 and 4. Absolutely everything they own is second hand, purchased from Facebook marketplace and car boot sales.
He has worked incredibly hard to make the house a home for his two children. Whilst he is always so grateful for everything he has, he is desperately in need of a washing machine. The property didn’t come furnished so he doesn’t have one.
The last time I went to visit, the kitchen was over flowing with dirty pots. When I asked why, his answer was that he couldn’t afford to get them washed and risk higher outgoings as he was already using so much water having to hand wash clothes. My heart broke for him at this point. I am so proud for everything he’s done for himself and his children over the last few months but I can see that he is slowly giving up and is really struggling with the ever rising cost of living. I would love for him to be able to have just one less worry of trying to save for a washing machine – a necessity that we so often take for granted 😞

Today we have transferred £500 to H to purchase a washing machine. He was so very grateful, messaging:
I’ve just had a look at your website & honestly what you guys all do is absolutely incredible, I cannot describe how happy/ overwhelmed I am with this. It is such a weight lifted knowing I don’t need to save little bits each month to try and buy a washing machine. Its absolutely amazing what you all do, honestly I’ll forever be grateful”

Well done everyone, yet again the power of our one pound has been wonderful.


The washing machine didn’t cost the full £500, and H offered to give us back the difference. However he was also struggling for somewhere to dry clothes and had a heated clothes airer donated. I suggested he keep the difference and put it towards the electric costs so that he needn’t worry about using the appliances. He was delighted and sent these pictures along with a message:
“Honestly you have no idea, choosing between having clean pots or clean clothes has been the bane of my life for months, I honestly cannot express how grateful I am for this. Thank you so much
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