Giveaway #26 – Pensioner helped

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News of our latest donation from member Kim:
I have come across a lady recently as part of my work and have consent within my job to explore options that may help:
R is a pensioner. She lives in the Abbey ward of the city. She was made known to me by a neighbor who said she’s had some bad luck and is upset can you speak to her. R lives alone. She has a dog a beautiful little Frenchie who she tells me is the only reason she is still here she loves her dog and says she is her best friend.
Over summer R’s world started to fall apart when her mobility scooter was stolen from outside her Derby Homes flat. She uses it to go shopping once a week and spends most of her time at home with her little dog. She is afraid of crime and takes her dog on the scooter with her as she is scared to death her home will be broken into and her dog stolen whilst she is out.
She reported the theft to the police and was told someone would call her. No one called so she rang back and was told there was nothing they could do and issued her a crime reference number. She was devastated as this is her independence, she has arthritis and is unable to walk to the shops. The scooter was on HP and having no option she has since taken out a 2ndscooter so is now paying £100 a month for the stolen scooter and a further £100 a month for her new one. She is on a pension and was unable to insure the scooter due to it being outside her house there is no room to bring it into the flat and she has no garden.
Her current scooter is outside with the plug running through the letterbox. She has bought bike locks and has asked the council to put in a small ramp so it can be parked in front of her kitchen window where because of railings she can secure it and be classed as parked off road and so can save to have insurance.
R is a private and proud lady but today she was crying as she explained her circumstances. She told me she will not be using her heating over winter as she can’t afford it and is using an old halogen cooker having switched her cooker off to keep the bills down. She has a fireplace she got for £40 when she moved in and tells me its for show.
She pays her bills and always has but she’s really struggling paying for both scooters and as such is struggling at times to buy food.
Today she told me she had to cancel her dog’s appointment with the PDSA to be spayed which she had saved up for and use the money for her scooter this was when she began to cry she said the money her dog. She doesn’t know how she will manage until it is paid off as things are so expensive.
I would like to nominate her for Derby 500
Friends when I spoke to R she broke down and said she’d never known such kindness, she sends thanks ‘from the bottom of my heart’.
Well done everyone!