Giveaway #27 – Family in Poverty

By October 3, 2022January 5th, 2023No Comments
UPDATE: Gemma was able to buy a cooker, a generous FOD500 member donated a tumble drier and another member donated a laptop, the family were all delighted.  
Nominated by our member Claire Ragg who is a support worker to one of the children in this family.
I would like to nominate Gemma (not her real name). She is a single mum (38) with 3 children aged 18/16/10 Her eldest has kidney problems and last week got meningitis. She is really struggling to afford to live, she has pawned her phone and other belongings to buy food and uniform for her son.
I also found out her oven, tumble dryer, and the family laptop are broken. The laptop is used by her son for his college assignments and by Gemma for her Universal Credits. She needs to get her 16yr old to college but hasn’t had money for bus fares .
She has a lot of stress and I feel £500 will make a big difference to this family who are living in poverty right now”
Gemma was initially disbelieving then absolutely delighted and emotional on hearing that we are giving her £500. She has managed to get her laptop repaired and has her phone back but can only use Whatsapp. Her initial thoughts are that she will buy an oven and a tumble drier but she will keep us posted. I wish I could play you all the emotional voice notes I have received from her saying how grateful and thankful she is. “Nobody has ever given me anything before, I just can’t believe it, thank you, thank you so much
Well done everyone yet again your pound is making a huge difference to a family in crisis.