Giveaway #28 – Young person escaping abuse

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Latest donation news nominated by our member Sarah
S is a vulnerable young female living in semi-supported accommodation, she has a diagnosis of Autism, Attachment Disorder and Anxiety. There were concerns from a young age about Mum’s ability to care for S, which resulted in an alcohol dependency from age 14. S has also recently disclosed sexual abuse from Dad at a young age. S engages really well with professionals, although feels she does not deserve the support. S has been allocated a charity support worker as she is a victim of recent sexual violence which is still being investigated.
S has no family which are a supportive factor, this can lead to her seeking relationships to feel wanted, leaving her vulnerable to exploitation. There have been recent concerns of S being exploited by an older couple who have taken advantage of her vulnerabilities by asking her for money and alcohol, if S would not give them money this could result in physical violence.
S was left not being able to pay her rent or afford food for the month following the couple taking her money, this has now been addressed but caused significant stress for S.
It would be wonderful for S to be able to buy new clothes and furniture for her accommodation which she can choose herself. She will be starting college this month and doesn’t have access to a laptop/computer- she also watches tele on her phone- so this money could potentially help her purchase a tele/laptop. She is quite isolated in the house as once her rent/bills have been paid there isn’t much disposable income for her to join a club or have hobbies.
Friends of Derby 500 I’m sure you will be delighted to learn we have transferred £500 for S. To protect her anonymity this has happened through the charity supporting her who have promised to feedback S’s reaction and how she uses the money.
Please be very proud that you have once again supported someone in crisis who is absolutely deserving of some kindness. Thank you all!