Giveaway #29 – Life changing crash

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Nominated by our member Rebecca is a client of the charity she works for.
Neil was a front seat passenger in a road traffic accident in July 2010 when he acquired a traumatic brain injury.
The picture below of damage to the vehicle, is a testimony to the brilliance of the NHS teams who saved his life.
Neil sustained multiple severe injuries, the brain injury resulted in significant cognitive, behavioral and communication problems (severe expressive and receptive dysphasia), traumatic loss of vision with intractable diplopia.
This impacts how he lives today. After many years of hospital and residential care, Neil was finally able to move closer to his son, family and friends in 2018 and today continues to live semi independently in a two bedroomed flat with his cat. He has made the most exceptional physical recovery and to pass in the street would seem like any other guy. However, his traumatic brain injury has left him with many cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical challenges and his inability to form and maintain relationships is huge. He is unable to regulate mood and emotion and can have bursts of anger with no notice.
During covid 19 Neil was entirely isolated as support workers and other family members also had to isolate, and he is unable to navigate platforms like zoom and facetime unsupported. He directed his isolation and boredom into poor eating habits, binge tv, and art. Over the months he expressed his own life of lockdown through abstract art and created some fabulous pieces. Living with a condition called aphasia means that he is locked in with very limited communication skills (both expressive and receptive).
His home became more and more neglected, his carpet and furniture are covered in acrylic paints, his walls need painting, and his entire flat would benefit from some homely love and care. We are working with the family to try and do a bit of a make-over for him before the long nights and damp days draw in again. He spends a lot of time alone here, and it’s not suitable for his 16 year old son to visit, let alone stay in it’s current condition.
A grant of £500 would help to replace some flooring (that can be wiped when he spills paint, tea, milk etc (all in a typical day for Neil) in the sitting room and carpet in his sons (currently inaccessible) bedroom, maybe get a second hand suite and bed and hopefully leave a little over to paint and brighten it up again for him; and make it a nicer place for his son to spend quality time with his Dad again.
Neil’s son won’t be able to live with him but having a clean and safe home would help him to visit and stay over more frequently, build their father son relationship again; improve both his and his dad’s quality and hope for life considerably.
Friends I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know we have transferred £500 to help with the items Neil needs. Please be very proud that once again your one pound donations have helped someone in real need following an accident which could have happened to any of us.