Giveaway #3 – J age 30 and her son A who is 8 years old

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We received this nomination from our member Sarah who came across this lady through her workplace.

Anonymised information below:
Nomination for J age 30 and her son A who is 8 years old. J is a single mum both have lived in Derby their whole lives. They lived in their property in Stockbrook for 9 years. In April this year, a maintenance check identified an electrical fault on the solar panels which had been installed the year before. This was isolated and they were told another engineer would return to sort it out. No one came back and on Saturday September 18th, there was a fire caused by the fault. J did not have any insurance.

Since the fire, they have been moved around various hotels. She has been allowed only one visit to their home with a safety officer and was able to get one laundry basket full of clothes and paperwork. The property is unsafe to visit so they have nothing else. There are no cooking facilities in the hotel, so most of her (already limited) money is going on eating out and transport to get her son to school.

If she were awarded the money, she would use it to purchase winter clothes and to buy some food. They have no idea when they will be rehoused, none of their goods have been put in storage, so she is extremely distressed about the future.

I have spoken to J today who became very emotional when I said we would like to give her £500. Between tears she said she will use the money for basic living necessities and also for warm clothes. However she is so desperate that she would welcome ‘pre-loved’ warm clothing in a ladies size 10-12 and a boys size 8-9yrs old.

If anyone has anything suitable to donate please private message me and I will arrange to get items to her.

This lovely group is making huge differences to people’s lives, well done all!