Giveaway #30 – Tragedy hit grandchildren

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Nominated by our member Amanda:

I don’t know where to start really, but here goes.

I have been good friends for over 40 years with Cathy (name changed).  We grew up together in the West End  of Derby from children, teenagers & adults we have been through so much together, more so Cathy.  She was a young mother to her first born girl who she adored, she went on to have more beautiful children, through no fault of her own she became a one parent family to five young children.

However five children became four.

Earlier this year at the age of 35 her eldest daughter, also a single parent was found unconscious at home whilst her young children aged 12 and 3 were downstairs.

She was found by her father and admitted to the Royal Derby, immediately placed on a ventilator, having several tests through out that week, there was no brain function & Jodie’s ventilator was switched off.

She passed away the same day leaving two young children.  She’d died of a heart attack, however she was able to donate her organs to help others.

Obviously the children were devastated more so the 12yr old daughter as she was more  aware of what was going on.

Cathy & her daughter’s father, although never married made a pact that between them they would jointly take care of their grandchildren.

Cathy knew it would be tough but more so the children had lost their mother. Difficult times no doubt would lie ahead but between both grandparents they would cope.

Six weeks after her daughter’s death, Cathy’s ex-partner, grandfather to the children  suffered a heart attack & passed away.

Again the children’s world was turned upside down.

Cathy is now the sole parent to both children, she is awaiting state help which might take 3 months to start.  She’s trying her best on a daily basis to support both the children emotionally and financially which I know she is finding extremely difficult & with Christmas just around the corner, like a lot of families things will be difficult.

From the bottom of my heart I truly believe Cathy & the children are worthy of your charity.

12yr old granddaughter is doing well & does receive some counselling, 3yr old grandson does ask for mummy & grandad but he is a happy chap.

Can’t say the same for Cathy really, we are there as friends to support &  surround Cathy with our love, when asked how she is, she’s always alright, she has to be. Being a grandparent must be a wonderful experience but becoming a full time parent to a 12 & 3 year must be extremely hard for her.

I am aware she sleeps on her sofa each night to allow the children to have their own space. Again she says she’s happy with that.

If you can help Cathy & the children in any way I would be extremely grateful.

Friends, I have spoken to Cathy, she really is a very positive lady trying her best in such dreadfully sad circumstances.
She is very grateful for our donation. She’s been worrying about Christmas and also about buying a laptop/tablet which her granddaughter needs for school. She will let us know what she prioritises with our funding.
Everyone please feel very content that you have lightened this lady’s day….. ironically it would also have been her daughter’s birthday 🥺
Most of our donation has been used to buy a laptop for the 12yr old granddaughter who has recently had to move schools, she’ll receive it on Christmas morning.
Another of our kind hearted members donated tickets for the pantomime which the family really enjoyed last weekend.
Thank you all you are truly making a difference and helping those in real need.