Giveaway #31 easing Christmas costs

By November 2, 2022November 10th, 2022No Comments
DONATION NEWS, thank you to our member Lucy for this very worthy nomination.
“I recently met an incredible lady, Julie & her daughter Tilly (names changed), who uses a wheelchair. It was obvious that Tilly was seriously ill, she has lost all her hair & has a feeding tube in her nose. Tilly who is 5 has a very rare form of leukemia. She has undergone one round of chemo & will be spending Christmas in the QMC having a bone marrow transplant. Her 4yr old sister is the one donating her bone marrow!
I can’t even begin to imagine what the family is going through & for this to be happening over Christmas somehow makes it seem worse. Nothing can make it better but receiving £500 would help take a little of the stress away & could help towards making this amazing family’s Christmas a little better.”
I have spoken to mum Julie who explained a little more about the family’s situation. Since receiving the nomination Tilly’s op has been put on hold as it is suspected she has an infection from a blood transfusion, also scans are showing some new abnormalities in her brain. It is not clear yet what the reason for this is.
Tilly is one of 6 children in the family all under the age of 10, apart from the emotional impact on the family the extra cost of Tilly being in hospital for 2 months has been over £2,000.00. Christmas is looming and Mum was worried about affording presents. Friends with our £500 donation Mum has bought the children’s presents and now has one less thing to worry about at a very emotional time.
With Mum’s blessing here is a picture of Tilly with her brother and sisters.
Please be very proud you have helped this family ❤️