Giveaway #32 New Mum in a new home

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Evening all. I’ve some lovely feedback from this giveaway to S and her baby. As well as receiving the £500, one of our lovely members was having a new kitchen so donated her cooker which was in great condition, and another generous chap ordered and donated a brand-new steriliser.
This group is just AMAZING!
“Thank you for the £500 it’s helped me to get loads of things for the house. The group helped get a cooker and I’ve managed to get a steriliser from people within the FOD500 who have helped. I have got a dining table and chairs, some cupboards for my daughters room and going to get a carpet for the hall it has helped make the house feel more like a home for me and my daughter we are so thankful for all the help”
Nominated by our member Andrew.
I’d like to nominate S, she has been in specialist foster care for mother & baby. She was placed there because of concerns about her ability to look after baby. She was struggling, and they may have removed baby but she’s proven herself capable and is doing really well. Baby was conceived due to traumatic circumstances, and Dad isn’t around.
She has now moved into a property but social care have been unsuccessful in finding any type of grants to help. I’m concerned that she’s put in lots of hard work to prove that she can be a good mum and then she’s going to struggle with little means to furnish their home.
The grant from Friends of Derby 500 Club would go a long way to ensure her tenancy is a success for her and baby. The money will help her furnish the property and make it comfortable and homely. I’m more than happy to provide any evidence you need to support this application.
Friends I have spoken to S this evening and she is overcome with your kindness. She needs a cooker, carpets, wardrobes, pots and pans and a large microwave. She currently only has a small microwave not even big enough to sterilise bottles.
All the time we were talking baby was gurgling and giggling in the background.
Thank you to all paying members for being part of this lovely group ❤️