Giveaway #33 Asylum seeking family helping others

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This donation was nominated by member Paul:
I’m working with a family who have been in process of claiming asylum for nearly 7 years. When they initially came they had some money so couldn’t claim any help from the Government while their claim was in process. They are still stuck in system and still getting no financial help in spite of the money they came with running out. It’s a disgraceful situation that after all this time they still have no decision. They have had some help from a destitute fund for 12 weeks but that has now ended. They are volunteering every week supporting other asylum seekers and accessing the food bank as they are not allowed to work.
The 3 children are in school. 2 girls aged 12 &10 and a boy aged 7.
They are living with a family friend but we are wanting them to have a happier Christmas this year- they need help with food, toys for their 3 kids and clothes.
We can sort some toys and food through partner projects but would like to ask for support for clothes as the kids are growing fast and mum and dad always rely on 2nd hand clothes for whole family.
Main priority is the 3 kids but it would be nice to do something for parents too if possible but don’t want to ask for too much so you can support as many people as u can.
Friends we have transferred £500 for the family to spend on clothing and essentials. We will share feedback as soon as we have it but thank you to all our paying in members for helping a family who have been desperately trying to help themselves as well as others 🥰