Giveaway #34 A young family coping with bereavement and serious illness

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Nominated by our member Rachel.
4 years ago, Mica lost her daughter Eva-Rose to a rare condition called Leukodystrophy at the age of just 2yrs.
She has two other children and has since had the same diagnosis for her youngest daughter Aliza (age 10 months). The chances of this happening are almost impossible, as it’s such a rare condition. Because they’ve caught it with Aliza very early, although her life won’t be normal, they hope it can be managed with medication.
Mica has shared lots of information on social media and has recently set up a small business in Eva’s memory – Diva Creations to try and make some extra money. With Aliza being in and out of hospital, she has had to have a LOT of time off work. I’d love to nominate her for the £500 to help her to make Christmas special for her two girls.
Mica (real name), says “thank you, thank you this money means the world and more. We need a new car seat for Aliza and Lylah has hardly seen me the last few months while I’ve been at hospital so we want to give them some Christmas treats. Lylah has said she’d like a blue car and a princess dress for Christmas”.
If you’d like to find out more and help Mica please check out the Facebook page (link below), where she is trying to earn some money “Diva’s Creations”.
Once again well done everyone!
Mica has bought a car seat and a buggy for Aliza as well as booking ‘The Christmas Toy Shop Mystery’ at Derby Guildhall … an opportunity for fun family time together after long times apart due to illness.
With mum’s permission here are some lovely pictures of Aliza in her new ‘rides’ 🥰