Giveaway #35 Poorly at Christmas

By December 7, 2022No Comments
Nominated by our member Sophie:
Sue is 35 and mum to 3 Children. She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast Cancer. She can’t work since her diagnosis and they are down by £1200 a month. She is only entitled to statutory sick pay and Mcmillan have said they cant help currently as she is not classed as terminal. Her partner is trying to bring in the money with working away but he has to take time off when Sue has her treatment because she’s far too ill to be left on her own with the kids. Charlie needs more attention as he was born at 22 weeks and he now has brain damage and he’s autistic. It’s hard for him to understand what is happening. Dad’s work have been good so far with him having time off but the bills are piling up and they have just had a rent increase. They are worrying about paying not only the bills but Christmas coming up. The £500 would really help take the pressure off and would go towards to mounting bills and hopefully a bit left over for Christmas.
Christmas should be a happy time for families and I know everyone is feeling the pinch right now but throwing a cancer diagnosis into the mix has added stress and worry that nobody should have, let alone a 35 year old with 3 children to think about.
Today we have transferred £500 to this family. Sue was very tearful and couldn’t say much at all but text later saying: “I would like to thank the members of this group, I’m overwhelmed and thankful for this kind donation. Its going to help us out so much during this holiday season and hopefully put smiles on the faces of our children. Thank you all so much x”
Well done everyone, our weekly pound is making a huge difference to people in real need 🥰