Giveaway #36 Sensory calming equipment

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UPDATE: Pictures below of items bought
Nominated by our member Jane:
A social care client who is 21 years old, male, non verbal, ASC, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and severe learning difficulties has recently needed to move out of his family home due to significantly heightened behaviours that were causing risk to himself and others.
He is receiving 2:1 at all times in his current setting due to his condition.
Due to his urgent move to a single person property we are needing to source some sensory items to help him manage his sometimes dangerous behaviour and reduce the risk to both himself and others.
He needs a trampoline, some hardy sensory items such as fixed bubble tubes etc. and also a cushioned sensory floor mat as he often lays on the floor when he is heightened. He has some very limited support but we would like to be able to buy him some items that are then his own and can stay with him wherever he has to move to.”
Friends after speaking with this man’s social workers and his parents who still have responsibility and deeply care for him, I’m delighted to report we have funded equipment which will help him be less of a danger to himself and those caring for him. Because he will legally own this equipment it can stay with him when he moves on to more permanent accommodation.
Everyone involved were very grateful and thankful of our support, well done all!