Giveaway #37 Damage repairs for a loving grandmother

By December 14, 2022No Comments
Our 37th Donation nominated by member Sarah:
One of my team works with a lady named Vera, who lives in Normanton. She’s in her late 70s and in the last few years has been supporting her teenage grandson who has a learning disability as well as having experienced a lot of trauma. When he becomes frustrated he can get quite aggressive (no judgement intended, he’s struggling himself) and as a result he has punched holes in walls and doors in her property. She is already struggling financially, as she spent money on buying items for him so he could live there (she has never been in any debt before) so she can’t afford to repair the damage to her home. It’s having a significant impact on her – she is a house proud woman and she’s now surrounded by a constant reminder of when she didn’t feel safe.
Her grandson is no longer living at the property (he is receiving his own support) and it would make a huge difference if she could pay for the repairs to the home and pay off some of the money she had to spend on buying things for him. She has been connected to loads of great people and support across the city and I believe that the £500 would enable her to make the repairs and give her a clean slate to move on from.
Friends when I spoke to Vera she was very humble and very grateful, it took her sometime to understand that she wouldn’t need to pay back the £500. Her message to the group is “thank you and god bless you all, I can now get my doors mended and feel safe in my house. Thank you”.