Giveaway #38 A Safe Home for Christmas

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UPDATE: Pictures of the family and their new home below
Nominated by our member Claire:
I would like to nominate someone for one of our donations. She used to attend the same gym as I go to, has left an abusive domestic situation and is now setting up home with her two children on Wednesday.
She has two children, a girl aged 8 and a boy aged about 11.
I know this donation will really help her set up a safe home for her family.
I have spoken to this lady this evening who is overwhelmed with our donation. Other gym members have been donating furniture and household items, but our cash donation will make a huge difference and help her feel safe and secure.
Here is the text message she has sent:
Thank you so much. This is just the most amazing phone call to receive this evening. I am so grateful. This money will go a long way to making sure we have everything we need to create a safe and settled home and for Christmas presents for the children too! I’m so overwhelmed by the wonderful generosity….. I have been at complete rock bottom and to be helped in this way is incredible. Thank you”