Giveaway #39 Refugee family helping others

By December 29, 2022No Comments
Nominated by our member Paul Brookhouse:
I would like to make a request for support for a single mother and her two children who have been in process of claiming refugee status since fleeing during the Ukraine war in Crimea in 2014.
She has been volunteering for about 5 years now to support asylum seekers and refugees through a project who I work closely with. Since the latest war on Ukraine she has been supporting all new arrivals from Ukraine to Derby and surrounding areas and even her two sisters have now come to UK. She even received an award through the Radio Derby ‘Make a Difference’ scheme in the Summer.
Finally just two weeks ago she was told to go for her appointment to do biometrics and will receive her leave to remain imminently then will have just 28 days to find a new home and will need to buy all furniture items as currently this is all in her Home Office supplied property.
I would like to request support to help her purchase items that she won’t be able to access through the welfare scheme or other trusts, as other than clothes, bedding, kitchen equipment she will have to start from scratch .
Hopefully this will be another worthy cause to support.
Friends I’m very pleased to say this lady was reduced to tears by our generosity, having supported and helped so many others she was very grateful to be receiving our kind donation.
Well done everyone everyone!