Giveaway #40 Family devastated by fire

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UPDATE: Pictures of thank you letters at the bottom of this article
Nominated by our member Libby Kenyon…..
I would like to nominate Rebecca whose family home, where her mum, dad and brother lived was burned to the ground with their 2 dogs inside who unfortunately didn’t survive. They lost everything. They are in rented accommodation but have nothing although her brother has been given some things like a few clothes, toothbrush etc her mother does not even have the essentials yet. The money would be a god send to get some essential items that we all take for granted and to try and make Christmas feel a little normal for the 9 year old any money left over would be for presents for him so he can have as normal a Christmas as possible under the circumstances. Thanks.
Rebecca was very shocked, her comments and messages following our donation included:
Is it normal to be this shell shocked and almost feel guilty? My Mum and little brother are jumping around the room. It feels so surreal, we’re going to Tesco to buy some essentials and Christmas food and then my brother will choose a treat. I’m normally the one helping others and it feels very strange to be on the receiving end of help. Thank you so much.”
Rebecca also shared that sadly immediately after the fire her father left the family taking all their savings which made things even more desperate. Not only are they grieving their pet dogs but also coming to terms with their family breaking up.
Thank you all for helping this family and hopefully restoring some faith in human kindness