Giveaway #41 Young couple rebuilding their lives after traumatic brain injury

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Nominated by our member Molly

“The partner of my 24 year schoolfriend Grace (not her real name), has a life changing brain injury where the money will help incredible amounts.

Last Summer, her partner who she just moved into a new home with, had a serious bike accident leaving him with very serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, he slipped into a coma for over a month. It was touch and go on whether he would survive, he is currently still in hospital in Derby recovering from his life-changing injuries.

Grace has been to the hospital to see him every single day since the accident and has had to have time off work where she is a neonatal nurse, saving babies lives every day.

She is having to return to work next month due to the financial impact this has had on her as she is having to pay the bills and afford food on her sick leave pay without the income from her partner.

The hospital parking she has to pay alone is a lot, since she goes every day.

I think she deserves the money to help with the financial burden she is facing as well as a pick me up due to the massive mental trauma and impact this has had for herself and her family.

Grace is the most wonderful, kind and caring person ever and this money will help an incredible amount. It could be used to allow them to have some quality time together once he leaves hospital so they can have some normalcy back, or go towards the hospital room she is building in her home for him, or help her with the bills she is paying.

Thank you for the consideration.”

Friends I have spoken to this lovely young lady who has been very brave and is incredibly positive in her support of her partner. His work background is in the British Army and as an engineer so he was always very fit and healthy. This is probably why he is recovering much better than was originally expected though he will never recover the use of his left arm. He has relearned how to talk, is learning how to walk again and hopes to be able to move back home (with adaptions) in a few months.

Grace will let us know how they decide to spend the money, it may go towards living costs due to their reduced income or towards adaptations in their home but either way she is extremely grateful and thankful.

Well done to all our members, yet again your weekly pound is having a huge impact.