Giveaway #43 Worker in financial crisis

By February 12, 2023No Comments

Nominated by our member Sue Griffin:

Our neighbour is self employed, he hasn’t had any proper wages since November, we have helped him as much as we can but I am really worried about his mental health. He is a very proud single man, his work has started up again but he has rent arrears, no food in the cupboards and is struggling to get through this. He came home from working away this week and he has no electricity, no gas (the govt voucher to get some today) no food. He wouldn’t thank me for sharing this, I am really worried for him. He gets paid for February work (he’s a sub contractor) at the end of the month. He only had 3 hours work in Jan!

On speaking to this gentleman he was clearly very anxious and upset about how he was going to cope and couldn’t see any end in sight to this desperate situation. He was in shock hearing of our donation and when he’d had time to process it all he sent this message:

“you will never know what a difference your kindness has made, I slept well for the first time in weeks and feel so much more positive about moving forward, your kindness has blown me away, thank you. I will be joining your group and be encouraging others to as well”

Well done everyone your weekly pounds have again made a huge difference to someone feeling desperate.