Giveaway #44 Mobility scooter for a young refugee

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Donation news!

This nomination is from our member Oksana who is Ukranian and has lived in the UK for 16 years.

Anna (not her real name), is a 24 year old from the city of Volnovakha in the Donetsk area of Ukraine occupied by Russia. She is currently being supported by the Belper Ukrainian Refugee Group (BURG), where Oksana volunteers.

Prior to the war Anna had worked in a Primary School and then transferred to be a nurse for the Red Cross. The war intensified and she witnessed a number of atrocities including the destruction of her own home. She began her journey to escape with her mother and was helped by many people and eventually managed to get on an evacuation bus to Dnipro.

Further tragedy struck when she had a major stroke due to the trauma of the atrocities she’d experienced, causing her to lose her speech and complete mobility.

Due to the hospital being bombed she received very little treatment, eventually the Red Cross helped and she was taken to Lviv. Her treatment began, she regained some speech and upper body mobility. Her mother decided to arrange visas to come to the UK, to do this she had to move her to Poland. Accommodation was found in a refugee hostel whilst waiting for the Visa. This was granted, a charity then supported them to England and found them a host in Belper, Derbyshire. One of the hosts is elderly and has a disability scooter which enabled Anna to get to the Royal Hospital in Derby for her treatment much easier.

Anna is very determined and with the medical support from the Royal Derby can now walk a few steps and engage in a conversation. She works hard on her physiotherapy and continues to work on her speech, not least attending English classes, this is providing the electric scooter is not required by her host.

Ideally Anna needs her own scooter but her benefit allowance is insufficient to cover the hiring of one at £28.00 a week.

BURG can source second-hand and have been offered one which has only been used twice, due to the premature death of the user. It was purchased for £2600 and the family knowing it was for a young Ukrainian have offered it for £500. Insurance and maintenance is minimal and can be picked up by Anna.

Anna really wants to be independent and continue to improve. She believes it will be a long time before she can go back to the Ukraine, but believes she has skills that could benefit her community and give something back.

BURG are now arranging delivery of the scooter and we have been promised pictures!

Yet again £500 has made a huge difference to a very worthy lady, just wonderful!!