Giveaway #45 Financial crisis

By February 25, 2023No Comments

News of our 45th donation!

Nominated by our member Katie, is Gavin (not his real name), who has been struggling while supporting his own father through end of life. He works full time and has a second job in the evenings, just recently he’s been working into the night so he has time during the day with his father. He’s been earning less while making sure his father is safe, eating, drinking and comfortable. He’s had added expenses with his car breaking down including needing two new tyres, whilst trying to help other members of his family visit his father.

Gavin was very emotional at the news of our donation and will be able to get his car mended and meet some other expenses built up during this difficult time.

Since receiving our donation his father has entered a hospice meaning he is well cared for but Gavin needs to travel to spend time with him each day, our donation has made a big difference to enable him to do this. He sends his sincere thanks to the group and intends joining us once his life is back to normal.

We wish Gavin all the best at this sad time, well done everybody.