Giveaway #46 Depression & Financial crisis

By March 16, 2023No Comments

Nominated by our member Marie.

I’d like to nominate a lad who’s hit a bad time . He’s got a degree in chemistry. But due to mental health he’s lost his job . Got himself another but the same thing has happened. I had a phone call from the police asking if they could break in last week . They’d had reports he was going to harm himself. Long story short he’s in a bad place , 23p to his name. Terrible depression, no close family. The police took him a bag of food . Obviously until he’s sorted job wise I’ve waived his rent. He’s a good tenant normally. I’ve just fetched him some groceries and was wondering if he qualified for the £500 . Pretty sure this will go along way to help. Thank you.

After several attempts we managed to get in touch and have a chat with this chap. He was lovely and apart from everything happening to himself, his friend recently committed suicide and he is supporting his widow.

He was very grateful and used the first of the donation to pay for his prescription to be closely followed by food shopping. His reaction was “I’m amazed, I hope one day I’ll be in a position to contribute back to the programme, thank you so much its just wonderful, a truly incredible gift. I cannot thank you all and Marie enough this is such a huge weight off my shoulders“. He has a job interview on Friday and hopefully we’ve helped give him a huge boost.

Well done everyone, your weekly pounds are truly life changing.