Giveaway #47 Independence with a Shower

By March 20, 2023No Comments

News of our 47th donation. Our member Jane heard about this young lady through her work:

This young lady has recently turned 18 years old lives at home with her mum.

She has a diagnosis of treatment resistant psychosis and schizophrenia. She was diagnosed at the age of 9 when she was sectioned. She is prescribed some extremely powerful medicines to help her to lead a safe life but these have significant side effects for her physically. Due to the type of medication she is unable to wash her own hair and lift her arms above her shoulders.

The young lady loves hair and beauty. She has a passion and wish to one day work in a hairdressers and loves to practice her skills on a mannequin she has borrowed from her college.

She is always talking and asking about hair and shampoos etc. she researches these online. Unfortunately at home (private rent) they only have a bath. This is dangerous for her to use alone due to her diagnosis and high risk of self-harm in the bath. Further to this due to her physical needs she cannot independently wash as well in the bath and cannot wash her own hair which she really wants to be able to do in some form.

We are seeking money to have a shower put into her current home. (family have been on the waiting list for Derby Homes for 3 years but this is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon).

Mum works but has to limit her hours to support her daughter as she cannot be alone due to risks to herself and others. The young lady is very wary of new people as this heightens the voices she hears and the effects of these.

She is such a lovely young lady. She is very caring and I would love to try to help her to gain some more independence at home with adding in a shower. Unfortunately this would not be covered as an adaption that health can support so there is no other way to fund it.

Friends we have today transferred £500 to fund a shower for this young lady. We will update you with comments and reaction as soon as we are able.

Well done everyone!