Giveaway #48 Pensioner in Financial Crisis

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Donation no. 48!

Our member Laraine nominated a neighbour:

I would like to nominate Jim, he is 86 years old in April, he is registered as partially sighted and has had two small strokes.
Jim used to live and work in South Africa and has been receiving a pension from there since he came to live in England years ago.
In March last year the criteria for receiving the pension changed and he needed to obtain a ‘pin of good standing’ in order to carry on receiving the pension. Several people have been trying for a year to sort this out for him, we eventually think it might be sorted in the not too near future.
In the meantime, and because he has had to manage for a year without this money, Jim has used all of his savings and is struggling to pay bills and cope with everyday expenses.

Any money would help him manage until the pension is eventually sorted out and he is receiving it again.

I had a lovely chat on the phone with Jim, a genuinely nice chap. He’s helped out in the community in his younger days, including representing others on Derby Homes panels. He said Laraine deserved a medal for all the help she’s been giving him. He also said he’d pay our donation back once he was sorted, I explained that wasn’t necessary! His message was “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you”!

Well done everyone and especially well done Laraine!