Giveaway #49 Desperate Dad

By April 1, 2023No Comments

News of our latest donation through our member Paul at The Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance.

Mike (not his real name), contacted Food 4 Thought desperate for food parcels. His 15yr old daughter had recently moved in with him after problems with Mum, then the police turned up with his 11yr old son saying the children could only have supervised contact with Mum and they both needed to live with him. Mike has his own challenges and is living on single person Universal Credit.

Mum is being uncooperative and refusing to hand over anything including the benefits she is claiming, the children’s belongings and birth certificates etc which Mike needs to be able to make a claim himself. The social worker assigned to the family has gone on holiday for 2 weeks leaving Mike with no support or help to progress his claim. He turned to F4T for food parcels who in turn thought we could help.

I spoke to Mike on the phone and he’s really struggling, his shock and relief at news of our financial gift brought him to tears. He will buy clothes for the children, and use some of it to pay for birth certificates so he can claim the benefits intended for the children. F4T will continue to offer support with food parcels so that our donation can be used for other necessities.

Mike was quite lost for words but his gratitude and thanks for our donation was overwhelming.

Well done everyone.