Giveaway #50 Grieving Mum

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Donation news, meaning we have now given away a staggering £25 thousand pounds!!!

Nominated by our member Sarah……

One of my wonderful friends and colleague has recently lost her brother after he took his own life. As you might imagine, the impact on the family has been huge. One of the major additional stressors is the financial impact on her mum, who is utterly heartbroken and is currently unable to work as a result. She was working as bank staff, therefore if she can’t work, she doesn’t get paid. She’s being supported to look for any additional income streams that she may be entitled to, but while that is happening the strain continues to grow.

I understand its a different one and not clear cut. I do want to reassure you that my friend is one of the most resourceful and independent people I know, so I’m absolutely confident she is trying everything she can (which given her job role, means she knows a lot and can navigate the support systems very adeptly). I’ve been looking at potential financial support also and can verify that she seems to fall into a bit of a loophole for lots of things, due to the nature of her non-permanent employment.”

I spoke to the daughter who explained a lot more about her Mum’s situation, this year she has lost 2 brothers and now her own son. He died in February but because he wanted a burial there is a wait until May for the funeral. This period of time between the death and the funeral is very difficult emotionally and as Mum works as a carer she needs to be pretty emotionally resilient to do her job, this is just not possible at the moment.

She’s struggling financially and can’t even afford a wreath for her brother’s funeral this coming week.

News of our donation has helped enormously, “all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Since hearing of our donation her daughter has joined our group and on setting up her standing order she said “it actually felt like a really nice thing to do”.

Friends be very pleased your pound has helped a grieving mum at a time of real need.