Giveaway #51 Quality end of life for Dad

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UPDATE! Perry’s scooter has finally been delivered! Here’s a pic of him in the scooter waiting for it to charge up so he can go out for a spin!

Well done everyone you are truly making a difference! 🥰

News of our 51st donation! Nominated by our member Jane Dunstan …. grab a tissue:

Chelsea has been furiously supporting her Dad Perry, here is their story:

In June of 2020 my dad Perry who was a First Responder with East Midlands Ambulance Service started to develop speech/memory issues, We called 999 and he was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke, he had multiple tests and scans in A&E and the doctors, nurses & support staff were absolutely incredible.

Unfortunately, it turned out it wasn’t a stroke and the scans showed a large Cystic Tumour on his left temporal lobe. This was at the heart of lockdown and we weren’t allowed to be in the hospital to support him so he was having to endure this terrifying experience on his own without his family including his operation which he was so scared for this was awful for us all not being able to be with him, 2 weeks later he underwent a biopsy and surgery to remove the tumour, the biopsy results came back fairly quickly and we were told my dad has a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumour, the most deadly and aggressive form of brain cancer to which there is no cure.

Although my dad had surgery to remove the tumour, he was given only 14-18 months to live and was advised the tumour returns 100% of the time, fast forward to March 2023 and almost 3 years later, my dad attended his routine scan results with a consultant at the Royal Derby, it was just like every other appointment he’s had every 6 months, we was expecting it to be clear and stable but unfortunately the tumour has returned and returned in multiple places.

The consultant advised there’s no further treatment, surgery would not be beneficial and it’s all about quality of life, as a family we are completely devastated. My dad’s health is declining, he’s now completely immobile and unable to walk, his speech issues are starting to return, he’s isolated in his home because he’s unable to move about and get out of the house. My dad is supported by his long time partner who suffers with chronic back pain, as a result she’s unable to push the wheelchair. We are looking into buying my dad a Mobility Scooter so he can get outside, visit car boots which he loves to go to and generally have a better quality of life, however they’re so expensive and with the cost of living we are struggling to save enough and quickly enough to benefit him!

When I spoke to Chelsea the love and compassion she has for her Dad shone through. They have managed to source a second-hand mobility scooter to be paid for with our donation. They are also happy for you to see some pictures of their journey.

Well done everyone, you and your weekly pounds are truly amazing!