Giveaway #52 Foreign student in debt poverty

Friends here is news of our 52nd donation!

Nominated by our member Paul:

Aashi (name changed), has a masters degree in Construction but struggling to find a job. Originally from India she has 2yrs to find a paid job but no recourse to public funds.

She is volunteering at a café training centre in Derby, and helping people with their asylum claims.

She has a one bedroom property costing £280 per month and is having to borrow money as she’s struggling financially. She has help with some food and toiletries. She is desperate to work and pay for herself. She has no funds for clothes or general costs, cultural food and bills.

When I spoke to Aashi she was very humble and made clear she would take any job to be able to pay her own way and is dreadfully worried about mounting debt. On news of our donation she was very tearful and asked what she could do to pay it back.

She thanks everyone and wants to join us once she is on an even keel. She called back later to say she’d cleared some of her debt and asked again how she could help.

Yet again your weekly pounds have helped someone in desperate need, thank you