Giveaway #53 Laundry assistance for family

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Our 53rd nomination comes from our member Jane:

An 18 year old lady we will call Ashley has a severe learning disability and autism as well as health needs relating to her kidney and wears hearing aids.

In recent weeks she has presented as very unsettled and unhappy. She is being physically aggressive to people around her and throwing items. She has until recently been quite a passive happy young lady.

Alongside the mentioned behaviours she is urinating on furnishings in the house, something she has not done before. This has meant her parents are needing to wash bedding/duvets/sofa covers etc in the washing machine.

Mum is the main carer for Ashley, her 2 younger brothers and Ashley’s younger sister who also has significant additional needs. Dad was working as a taxi driver but has needed to stop working to support Ashley and help his wife.

Ashley’s college has refused to have her back at present due to her behaviour which is a huge strain.

£500 would buy a 10kg washing machine so they can wash duvets and furnishings making it more affordable than needing to use a laundrette each time. They could also purchase washable mattress protectors, furnishing protectors and extra wash tabs/detergent needed on top of usual amount purchased.

Friends, as Ashley has a severe learning difficulty she is not able to communicate her views but her worker will pass on our best wishes. Ashley’s parents are very grateful and want to pass on their deep thanks of our kind donation.

Well done everybody!