Giveaway #54 Financial support for family with disabilities awaiting benefit changes

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Morning friends, more donation news!

Our 54th donation is to a family who have been accessing food parcels and staff who are members of that charity nominated them:

They have 3 children aged 17, 15 and 9, Mum is disabled and Dad is just out of hospital having been in since December following a stroke, he still has no movement down one side. They were meant to get a payment last Saturday but it didn’t arrive, they have been told the payment is delayed, Dad has applied for PIP and their Universal Credit is to be changed to include the cost of his care programme as he has carers in 3 times a day to support. Frustratingly the changes have affected all the other payments including his wife’s disability payment leaving them with no funds the last few weeks so they are now really struggling to make ends meet and feed the family. Dad has gone from working full time and earning approx £2k a month to £600 which is having a massive effect on the family life.

Friends we transferred £500 straight away to provide some much needed financial relief. The family were shocked but very grateful.

Well done everyone!