Giveaway #55 Safe & calm space for family’s children

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Our 55th giveaway came through our member Tracy.

Louise (name changed), is a single mum with three children. Two of her children are victims of abuse and receiving support.

Her third child was delivered at 22wks as mum was in coma with covid. Mum now has long covid as well as depression.

Support has been accessed for Mum as the family have had an awful time with the children experiencing post trauma challenges etc. including the eldest being aggressive, cutting all mums clothes up and trashing the house. They have been donated toys, but the garden is a complete mess (Louise’s words) and there would be no point putting toys there as the garden is not safe.

Because of the flight risk they cannot go to the park and Louise would like a nice safe area for the children to enjoy and play.

Could the family be considered for some funding to enable the garden to be improved with slabs etc to enable the family to spend time in the garden together?

Friends I spoke to Mum on the phone she really is at the end of her tether having to keep the children indoors. We have transferred £500 which will allow her to make the garden safe to relax and play. She was extremely grateful and sent this message:

“Just wanted to say thank you again, its so lovely to have been nominated for such a lovely gift. This generous gift will go towards the children and will make sure they have an area to escape to outside to calm themselves down when they feel anxious. It’s people like yourselves that really make a difference to people when they are struggling and I really appreciate what you have done. Thank you again”.