Giveaway #56 Fridge for a hard working dad

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Our 56th nomination!

Our member Sarah Cartledge spotted a desperate situation on a local charity facebook page with a chap in urgent need of a fridge. She contacted the charity and was able to obtain all the information needed to put in a nomination:

Mr Lay has been supported since July 2022 when he joined the job club, looking for employment having been made redundant. The family unit (4 children) had recently broken up, and the only property he could find was a private rental, the landlord had set a very high rent, although he was getting housing support benefit this did not cover the rent and he started to accumulate debts as he made paying the rent his top priority. The ex-partner is a carer so spends a good portion of time (days, some nights & weekends) at work – therefore the children share time between the parents. Mr Lay is paying maintenance to his ex-partner.

During Sept one of his daughters moved in with him on a permanent basis. By October 2022 he had found employment, and was working with the money advice team to start addressing debt issues – his employment was not ideal as it was minimum wage and nights, but he was desperate to work and try and improve his situation and he was able to have his mother over to be with his daughter overnight.

The property is not great – it’s poorly insulated and so very expensive to try and keep warm even with the heating on. There were times when he was going without food so he could feed his children. He would take every opportunity for overtime not just for the money but so he wouldn’t have to go back to the property and be cold and depressed. At another point he was selling items (like TV) so he could pay that months’ rent, and pay off previous debts.

Currently he officially has one daughter living with him, but a second is more or less with him full time and the youngest two children are with him 3 days a week plus some weekends. He is struggling recently more than often because his working hours (with overtime) have gone down from 50 hours to 40 a week. He often looks very tired.

He says he sometimes wonders why the children want to be with him as he can’t afford to buy even simple items that he sees other parents providing, and feels he is letting them down. He frequently lives on toast so the children can eat. Because his rent, and regular bills eat up all his income there is no immediate capacity in his finances when an appliance breaks down, hence this application to fund a fridge.

He is trying to do his best for his children and work rather than rely on the benefits system. He is a proud man and has been reluctant to reach out and ask for help and doesn’t want friends/neighbours to know just how bad things are – it’s only when contacted he shares how things are. The Charity tries to keep the family from tipping over the edge with day to day living but know it’s really hard for him even though he is working full time. He has a bid into the council for a property which if successful will transform his situation, but it’s a long waiting list especially as the property needs to be close to schools – his local councillor is trying to speed things up on his behalf.’

Friends on speaking to Mr Lay he was very humble and explained the charity facebook page was to try and find an under counter fridge for him. He’s having to go to the shop regularly as he has no means of keeping food chilled and fresh. He will use our £500 to purchase a fridge and then other essentials for his children.

Thank you so much to Sarah for putting the effort in to help and gather the information to make a nomination ….and a HUGE thank you to everyone again for your weekly pounds, continuing to help make a huge difference to those in most need.


After reading the original post our member Tracy was able to arrange delivery of a correctly sized fridge to this hard working Dad who was absolutely delighted. This meant he was able to use the donation towards rent, and buying bunk beds for the children.

His messages to you all include:

  • You’ll never know how grateful I am
  • Honestly I almost broke down because of your generosity
  • I truly appreciate everything thank you

Well done everybody, another person in crisis has had their faith in human kindness restored. Thank you