Giveaway #57 Help for an older Ukranian Refugee

By June 14, 2023No Comments

News of our 57th donation!

Nominated by our member Paul.

At work we have a 65yr old Ukrainian refugee who got his property yesterday with a housing association but just doesn’t have any money to pay all his bills, make it a home and also pay the part of service charge that he can’t get from Universal Credit.

Hopefully we have fridge/freezer, oven, sofa and things like this sorted and Council Fund will help with some other stuff but he has just £368 a month to pay £33 a month HBI charge, leaving him just £335 a month to pay his gas/electricity, council tax, water, food and travel to get around as he’s not eligible for a bus pass until he’s 67. He’s a lovely, sweet man but very nervous and stressed about how it will all work which you can understand at his age when he isn’t expecting to have to start from scratch again. He likes the place a lot but worried if he can cope with costs setting up his home.

Support from the friends of £500 club would go so far to give him breathing space and relax and enjoy this new home in a strange country.

Friends well done yet again on helping out a desperate situation, we are promised a short thank you video from this gentleman which will help him practice his English ….. keep a look out!