Giveaway #58 Clothing and essentials for a young man let down by family and society

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Our 58th Donation!

Nominated by our member Tracy….

Jon (name changed), has had a troubled life, his mother and father are separated, mother unable to look after Jon due to mental health and has been in and out of prison. Jon has been living with dad when dad has not been in prison himself for various offences.

He is a lad who has fallen through the system, he has not been attending school for nearly a year and a half now, after being passed around schools who have not met his needs. He has been at risk of exploitation from peers and associates of his family.

He has just undergone a neurological health assessment through CAMHS, which has shed some light on his mental processing age. Although 16yrs old, Jon is operating at a 10yr old level, he has many processing issues which come with this, so he has gone his whole school life without this being identified.

On Jon’s 16th birthday his dad threw him out of the house.

He has been staying with a family member for the past five weeks, unfortunately they will be moving soon to a smaller home which will not have room for Jon as well. The plan is for Jon to move into an assisted living placement, He has a good support network from a social worker, a youth offenders’ worker, and a safe and sound case worker.

Jon does not want to end up like his mum and dad. Despite all this hardship he does have potential for the future. He has been let down by the education system, his family, and the social system until now. His housing is in place, his education is being looked at for the correct fit and funding.

I am applying on Jon’s behalf as he only has one tracksuit which he washes daily, he is sometimes late to appointments due to this still being damp from washing. He needs some clothes and other personal items.

Friends I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know we have transferred £500 to Jon’s support worker who will be able to help him purchase clothing and the other items he needs to live in the assissted accommodation.

Thank you to each and everyone for your weekly pound making this happen!