Giveaway #59 Young student needing expensive glasses

By June 22, 2023No Comments

Nominated by our member Vicki for a student at the school where she works:

“Ann and Carl (names changed), have parental responsibility for their grandson David aged 13 who attends Kingsmead Special School in Alvaston – we have worked with David since he started at Kingsmead in September 2021.

David has worn glasses for a number of years, however during his recent optician appointment this weekend, he was diagnosed with high myopia (extreme nearsightedness) and needs new glasses. With NHS subsidisation the new prescription and glasses will cost the family almost £300 which they cannot afford.

We aren’t able to access any forms of funding through any statutory agencies, and really want to help David and his family.”

Friends I had a long conversation with Ann, she was very upset they couldn’t afford the glasses as his eyesight could deteriorate rapidly without them. The special glasses will help focus his eyes and can stop further problems developing into adulthood. He’s currently very happy at school and Ann is keen that continues which further problems with eyesight would hinder.

She was very emotional at the news of our donation, the money left over will go towards other equipment for David. I was able to have a quick conversation with him, he was very excited and said thank you.

Friends well done, yet again your weekly pound is making a huge difference to people in need.